Ceremony, Ritual and Puja – Elizabeth Katona

Sunday, January 23, 2013

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Lakota (Sioux) Woman in Traditional Dress
Lakota (Sioux) Woman
in Traditional Dress
A conversational interview in which Elizabeth Katona answers questions posed by Br. Shankara about the subtle energies that are the “software” of shamanic ceremony, and of puja — traditional Tantric worship practiced by East Indian priests and sadhus.

Elizabeth is highly skilled in the art and practice of ceremony. She studied with North American indigenous elders from the Lakota, Cherokee, and Potawatomi/Ojibway peoples, and with Mayan and Quero shamans. She discusses:

  • the energy flow that is experienced during a ceremony;
  • how these energies arise; and
  • how and for what purposes they are controlled,

comparing and contrasting shamanic ceremonies with the energies at work in Tantric and Vedic rituals.