The Center’s Bookshop is located in the Chapel (building closest to parking lot). Once you enter the main Chapel door, the Bookshop is directly across from the door. We carry most of the books used for classes at the Center, as well as a selection of other titles of interest.

Purchases are made self-service; the bookshop is not staffed. Please see the instructions posted in the bookshop. There is a clipboard where you may write your name, the date, the title(s) purchased, and the form and amount of your payment.

Payments may be made with cash, checks made out to VEDANTA CENTER OF ATLANTA, or via the Center’s PayPal or Venmo accounts (see below).


Lending Library

The Center’s Library is located in the Monastery, which is the first room you will enter from the Sunporch. Books may be checked out or read onsite.