Talk: The Phenomenon of Sri Ramakrishna – Br. Shankara

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Talk: The Phenomenon of Sri Ramakrishna
– Br. Shankara

March 3, 2019

Click for NOTES & QUOTES from the talk (PDF)


Sri Ramakrishna
Sri Ramakrishna

March is a month for study of Karma Yoga, a spiritual path leading to the abandonment of selfishness. As a karma yogi, you practice offering your actions and their results, as well as your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings to the Divine Presence. 

Even before fully knowing this Presence, you hold firmly to the belief that the Presence is within each person or other living being that you interact with or serve. Working and abiding in this spirit, you are increasingly able to release attachment to your activities and their results. This yields the freedom and contentment promised by Karma Yoga.

“Even a little practice of this yoga will save you form the terrible wheel of rebirth and death …” — Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 2

On Sunday, March 10th, we will celebrate the birthday of Sri Ramakrishna. There is a direct link between that Great Master’s life and teachings and what you are reading just now. This coming Sunday morning we will talk about that timeless connection.

Here is what Christopher Isherwood writes about Sri Ramakrishna, as he starts his book Ramakrishna and His Disciples:

“This is the story of a phenomenon.

I will begin by calling him simply that, rather than `holy man’, `mystic’, `saint’, or `avatar’; all emotive words with mixed associations which may attract some readers, repel others. A phenomenon is often something extraordinary and mysterious.

Ramakrishna was extraordinary and mysterious; most of all to those who were best fitted to understand him …”

Two people who were best fitted to understand Sri Ramakrishna are Swami Vivekananda, his most famous disciple, and his, wife Sri Sarada Devi.

In this talk we explore and discuss some of what Swamiji and Holy Mother wrote and said about Ramakrishna. As their knowledge of him is shared, the connection between the Master’s life and your presence in the Center’s Chapel may become clear.

Note: There is silent meditation in the Chapel from 10:30-11am, before each Sunday’s talk. After the talk, devotees and friends meet in the Monastery from noon to 1:30pm, for tea, coffee, snacks and a continuation of our spiritual fellowship.

Spiritual talks and classes are open to the public and free of charge.

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