A Mother’s Love – Br. Shankara

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May 10, 2020

When Swami Yogeshanandaji retired in 2008, Swami Swahananda, head of the Vedanta Society of Southern California (VSSC), took responsibility for the Vedanta Center of Atlanta. Swahananda was devoted to the Divine Mother.

He encouraged some of his disciples to study the Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi — 700 Verses in Praise of the Goddess of the Universe). When Swahananda left the body in 2012, Swami Sarvadevananda took charge of the VSSC, and our Center. He also encourages some disciples to read the Chandi, and discover what it teaches us about the Divine Mother.

The Chandi tells of three instances in which the Goddess rescues the world from demonic forces (asuras and daityas). In each story these beings, who are said to “hate righteousness,” have overcome the Mother’s servants (devas or gods). “Robbed of their prowess,” the devas can no longer protect and sustain Earth, with all its forms of life.

The devas go to the Mother for help. She is moved by their plight and Her love of all Her children. Drawing every deva’s power unto Herself — in tales told of great carnage and destruction — the Mother defeats the demonic forces and restores order.

From here, what is happening around the world right now looks like the opening of another chapter of the Chandi. On Sunday morning we will explain why that thought has arisen, and discuss how the Goddess may be purifying and lifting up all of Creation — including Her children of demonic nature.