Jesus Christ, a Light to the World – Br. Shankara

Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Jesus“The great soul, the Messenger we are to study… We catch only little glimpses here and there of the stray records that have been kept of his sayings and doings; for verily it has been well said, that the doings and sayings of that great soul would fill the world if they had all been written down. And the three years of his ministry were like one compressed, concentrated age, which it has taken nineteen hundred years to unfold, and who knows how much longer it will yet take! … But mark this giant that came… the energy that he left upon the world is not yet stretched, nor yet expended to its full. …

“The Omnipresent God of the universe cannot be seen until He is reflected by these giant lamps of the earth — the Prophets, the man-Gods, the Incarnations, the embodiments of God… Take one of these great Messengers of light, compare his character with the highest ideal of God that you ever formed, and you will find that your God falls short of the ideal, and that the character of the Prophet exceeds your conceptions.” — Swami Vivekananda (from Christ the Messenger, Los Angeles, California, 1900)

As Vivekananda remarked, whatever we say of such a one as Jesus must fall short. Yet, Br. Shankara does speak about him, reflecting on the Light that still shines from Christ’s presence in our world.