Manifestation and Creation, East and West – Steven J. Gold

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Listen Now - "Manifestation and Creation, East and West" – Steven J. Gold
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Steven J. Gold

Steven J. Gold

World Without End, Eternity, Infinity, Time, Space, Manifestation, Creation. Steven’s talk will address correlations between Western spiritual traditions rooted in Hebrew Spirituality, which tend to focus on a dualistic notion distinguishing a Creator and Creation; and Eastern spiritual traditions rooted in Sanatana Dharma, which tend to focus on an illusory/partial reality Manifestation that arises from, but ultimately is not distinct from, a unified substratum/full reality. Perhaps in the mystical aspects of these traditions, distinctions begin to blur. And perhaps conceptions/accounts of Creation/Manifestation are not just descriptions of the workings of the external universe, but also of the internal universe that exists within each of us.

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