Workshop: Decoding the Chandi with Swami Harinamananda

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Jan. 26, 2020 @ 10am to 1pm
Retreat Workshop: Decoding the Chandi
with Swami Harinamananda-ji

How to recognize your inner conflicts & transform by invoking the Power of the Goddess

We will take a journey into the Chandi, the three tales of the Divine Mother, whose mystical meanings are a blue print for our own spiritual pursuit. We will explore how reading this sacred text can uncover spiritual practices that can awaken and illumine our inner consciousness and give us strength to face the challenges of daily life.

Teachings include Three Parts: (One hour each):

1. Discovering and overcoming inner demons
2. Conquering Mahishasura ,the ego within
3. Being one with the Divine Mother

We will have breakout group discussions after each session.