Reflection on Mahavakyas – Swami Bodhananda

Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Swami BodhanandaSri Sankaracharya picked four great statements from Upanishads for serious study and reflection by seekers of Truth. Swami Bodhannada expounds the inner meaning of these Mahavakyas (The Great Sayings) in a simple style for students of Vedanta.

Swami BodhanandaSwami Bodhananda is a speaker with a keen sense of observation. His knowledge of Vedanta is flawless and is acclaimed for his adaptive rendering of ancient Vedantic wisdom to the modern individual’s needs and circumstances, helping people apply spiritual principles and practices to their immediate environment.

In America, Swamiji has given numerous public forums, lectures and meditation sessions in Hindu temples, Christian churches, libraries, homes, businesses and universities. His theme has been to infuse modern society with spiritual values and the individual with the knowledge of his/her spiritual identity.

A master of meditation, Swamiji adeptly blends his personal experience and knowledge of India’s ancient wisdom tradition with modern studies in consciousness and psychology. Swamiji exemplifies the highest Vedantic ideals- outwardly active in the world while remaining inwardly detached.