Raja Yoga Retreat with Swami Nirakarananda

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Raja Yoga Retreat
– Swami Nirakarananda

April 26, 27, 28, 2019

Click for NOTES & QUOTES from the talk (PDF)



April 26-28 (Fri-Sun)
Weekend Retreat with Swami Nirakarananda

Swami Nirakaranandaji of the St. Louis center gave a 3-day retreat from Friday evening Apr 26th till Sunday morning on the 28th, offering us his wisdom about Raja Yoga.


Apr 26 Friday at 7-8pm: The spiritual journey w/ Swami Nirakarananda in the Chapel

Apr 27 Saturday, starting at 10am till 4:30pm:  Workshop on raja yoga
w/ Swami Nirakarananda in the Chapel

Apr 28 Sunday, 11am-12noon: Talk: The Significance of Worship
w/ Swami Nirakarananda


Note: There is silent meditation in the Chapel from 10:30-11am, before each Sunday’s talk. After the talk, devotees and friends meet in the Monastery from noon to 1:30pm, for tea, coffee, snacks and a continuation of our spiritual fellowship. Spiritual talks and classes are open to the public and free of charge.

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