A Life in Music, Fulfilled by Ramakrishna – John Schlenck

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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John Schlenck
John Schlenck

In this talk, John Schlenck tells us his remarkable story — how the life and music of an agnostic young graduate of The Eastman School of Music became immersed in Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Vedanta. A disciple of Swami Pavitrananda and a devotee for more than 40 years, John is composer-in-residence and choir director at the Vedanta Society of New York. He composes hauntingly beautiful contemplative works for solo voice, chorus, instrumental ensembles, and orchestra. John’s music takes you on an inner journey through a rich landscape that bridges ancient and modern, East and West. Some of his work can be listened to here; it’s recorded toward the end of his talk. For more information about John, and to hear other compositions, go to johnschlenck.com.