Giving Thanks – Br. Shankara

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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HandsAmerica’s beloved Holiday of Thanksgiving is just a week away.

To a spiritual aspirant who accepts both the world of matter and the realm of spirit as Real (vijnani), this surely can be a festive and uplifting occasion. Yet, someone who believes God alone is Real (jnani) might ask, “Who is giving thanks to whom?” And ponder that question, we hope, while enjoying the holiday feast and fellowship. For those who think of themselves as servants of the Lord — a wave on the Ocean of Being (karmis) — the day is another happy opportunity for selfless service. And for aspirants who see God as their sustainer and provider, the Life of their lives (bhaktas), an outpouring of thanks is part of their daily spiritual practice.

Our love of celebration seems part of the fabric of being human. In this talk and open forum, we take a close look at Holiday Spirit, and what that joyous impulse offers us as seekers of freedom and truth. Br. Shankara leads the discussion.