The Four Yogas As We Know Them – Br. Shankara

Sunday, March 27, 2016

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the four yogasThis Sunday morning talk was given on Easter — so why wasn’t our topic the death and resurrection of Christ?

That’s exactly what Br. Shankara explores here — in the context of spiritual practice and its goal.

The four yogas,* as we know them here, are the practical tools of Ramakrishna-Holy Mother-Vivekananda Vedanta. They can bring about the death of your ignorant ego-self and the resurrection of your Divine Consciousness — the Self. This is the inner meaning of Christ’s Passion, as is discussed in this Easter morning talk.

*Bhakti, the yoga of reverence and devotion; Karma, the yoga of selfless action; Raja, the yoga that stills the mind; and Jnana, the yoga of simple existence.