Corona: Truths from the Tragedy – Dr. Bhagirath Majmudar

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April 19, 2020

“Toiling, Moiling in a State of Turmoil” describes us, one and all, at this point in time. To see our own people disappearing en masse day after day and right before our eyes will leave wounds that will be hard to heal. It is also said that there are no wounds on earth that Heaven cannot heal. The Divinity demonstrates itself by a dedicated team of self-sacrificing Physicians, Nurses, Health Field workers and others working indefatigably to a point of exhaustion. We salute them all.

Vedanta teaches us how to extract Wisdom from the most trying situations. That is how Arjuna, a soldier drowning in a sinking Depression is propped up by Shree Krishna to get up, fight the battle and win it. In a world war like situation that we are in, we too will wake up wiser, winner, and better. We will have to learn some Truths that can be bitter but make us better. In the end, Tragedy will not triumph but Truth will. Together, let us learn some Truths from this grim tragedy.