2013 Annual Fall Retreat

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Center for New Beginnings

Our Annual Offsite Retreat will be held Oct 4-5-6 at The Center for New Beginnings in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Our Retreat Leader will be Swami Nishpapananda, an American sannyasin who serves as assistant to Swami Chetanananda in St. Louis. Nishpapanandaji’s subject will, of course, be VIVEKANANDA. See below the Swami’s Outline of workshops on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The Center for New Beginnings is located approximately 2 hours drive north of Atlanta.

Cost / Reserve Now!

The cost for this year’s retreat is $95 per day for double occupancy, or $130 per day for single occupancy, plus $3 local tax & 7% state sales tax. This includes your room and all meals. Total cost for the entire retreat is thus:

Double occupancy – $206.30
Single occupancy (private room) – $281.20

If you want to attend the Retreat, please get your reservation and deposit of $100 in right away. (The balance may be paid anytime up to or at the Retreat itself.) You can do this by check or through PayPal below. You don’t need to be a PayPal member to use this service.

Occupancy Desired:
Name(s) of person(s) this deposit is for:
Email address where you’d like to receive Retreat info and updates:

Swami Nishpapananda’s Outline for Our Offsite Retreat

Swami Nishpapananda, Assistant Minister in St. Louis, will lead our Annual Retreat this year. A short biography of the Swami is posted below with his picture.

On Friday evening, we will be given an overview of the weekend. Saturday evening we will screen a film, yet to be chosen. Otherwise, our Retreat will follow this schedule:

Saturday Morning First Session:
Vivekananda: Collective Strength
Guided Meditation/Silent Meditation

Saturday Morning Second Session:
Swami Vivekananda: Individual Strength

Saturday Afternoon Session:
The Open Secret
Workshop Riddles/Challenge
Guided Meditation/Silent Meditation

Sunday Morning Session:
Workshop on The Open Secret

Swami Nishpapananda
Swami Nishpapananda

Swami Nishpapananda is a monk of the Ramakrishna Order of India, and an assistant minister at the Vedanta Society of St Louis. Swami Nishpapananda became interested in Vedanta through college course work and his contact with Swami Satprakashananda, joined the Order in 1981, and received final monastic vows in India in 1995. A graduate of Washington University, he manages the book and multi-media publications of the Vedanta Society and is active in interfaith work in the St Louis area.