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VCA Talk Sept 5 2021

11am Sunday Talk: Waking from Maya’s Spell, with Br. Shankara

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On Sunday morning, Sept. 5th at 11am, Br. Shankara will speak with us on the topic, Waking from Maya’s Spell. Join us online (no in-person activities at this time) and participate in the discussion!

Who can fathom that
mystery — the Formless One
here with us as Two?
They came again as Thakur-
Ma, their love can set you free!

Sunday, August 3, 1884

Sri Ramakrishna was sitting in his room … at Dakshineswar after his midday meal. … The Master began the conversation by addressing (some visiting) Baul musicians …

MASTER: “Yoga is not possible if the mind dwells on ‘woman and gold’. The mind of a worldly man generally moves among the three lower centres: those at the navel, at the sexual organ, and at the organ of evacuation. After great effort and spiritual practice the Kundalini is awakened. …. when awakened, (It) passes through the lower centres and comes to the Anahata, which is at the heart. It stays there. At that time the mind of the aspirant is withdrawn from the three lower centres. He feels the awakening of Divine Consciousness … and cries out: ‘What is this? What is this?’

“According to the Vedas these centres are called ‘bhumi’, ‘planes’. There are seven such planes. The centre at the heart corresponds to the fourth plane of the Vedas. …

“… Isvarakotis, such as the Incarnations of God, can come down from (the seventh plane and the) state of samadhi. They can descend from this exalted state because they like to live in the company of devotees and enjoy the love of God. God retains in them the ‘ego of Knowledge’ or the ‘ego of Devotion’ so that they may teach men. . …

“…(G)reat sages … after attaining the Knowledge of Brahman, kept the ‘servant ego’ and the ‘ego of Devotion’. They are like big steamships, which not only cross the ocean themselves but carry many passengers to the other shore.

“There are two classes of paramahamsas, one affirming the formless Reality and the other affirming God with form.  … (T)hose … who believe in God with form keep the love of God even after attaining the Knowledge of Brahman, so that they may teach spiritual truth to others. They are like a pitcher brimful of water. Part of the water may be poured into another pitcher. These perfected souls describe to others the various spiritual disciplines by which they have realized God. They do this only to teach others and to help them in spiritual life.”

On Sunday, Sept. 5, we will discuss the Master’s remarks, and the promise they offer us.


Sep 05 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm