by Swami Yogeshananda

“We must remember that this was not just monism as taught by Sankara and others. Yes, he taught many things in common with them; but if you want to interpret Swami Vivekananda’s Vedanta by saying it is a repetition of the old philosophies, you will miss his most essential teachings. He taught Advaita, but did he teach that alone? What do you understand by Advaita, nondual Vedanta? You have a stereotyped idea of the paths of karma, jnana, bhakti and yoga. He taught all the paths and the Advaita that belongs to all the paths. Who, for instance, can love God more than he who is Godlike? Only when you know you are Spirit can you have true devotion for God, the Spirit. You will feel that He is close to you, He is identified with you, He is your very own. Then moments will come when you will feel that even the little remaining sense of duality disappears. That is the bhakti Swamiji taught here. He has thrown new light on the paths of devotion, action, concentration, knowledge, on human life, on the human mind”.

– Swami Ashokananda