Thou Shining, Everything Shines – Br. Shankara

Sunday, August 31, 2014

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VCA shrine photos with incense

Vedanta Center Shrine decorated for a special worship service (puja).

“There the sun shines not, nor the moon and stars, nor does the lightning illumine, much less this earthly fire. He alone shining, everything shines after him. By his light all this universe shines!”

This ecstatic affirmation is from the Svetasvatara Upanishad, Ch. 6:14. Yet, for us as spiritual aspirants, that quote could quite naturally bring this response:

“Well, that’s a beautiful verse, but if I’m honest, I can’t say I understand it. Is it really possible for me to get from where I am now — a seemingly isolated individual, making my way forward from day to day as best I can — to share in Svetasvatara’s realization of this Glorious Truth that unifies all experience in shining bliss?”

Great Teachers — in a series of stupendous promises — say Yes you certainly can.

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